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  • Day 2
  • Day 7
  • Month 1
  • Month 6
  • Year 1
  • Year 5
Day 1
An INTRODUCTION to our team

Before starting with the serious business we like to break the ice and get familiar with the business we will work for. This establishes a comfortable rapport and makes things move more smoothly. We encourage the clients to get to know us as well. To help you get familiar with us, we send you an introduction email detailing the projects we have completed in past, our team of experts and services.

Day 2
Project Evaluation & collaboration

At this point our strategists start studying your campaign goals and specifications and devise a plan accordingly. To be able to deliver great results we persuade the clients to share as much project details as possible with us. The more you tell us about what and how you want the project results, the better outcomes we can provide.

Day 7

After our strategists have worked out the project details, you get a final proposal from us for your approval. The proposal consists of payment terms, marketing strategy, and deliverables. Once we get a go ahead from your side, our marketing team starts working on the project.

Month 1
Marketing startegy

The work on the campaign starts taking shape and within the one month mark we aim to launch the initial marketing campaign. This usually involves account set up on various platforms, collecting data on your target audiences, and basic analysis as well as optimization of your websites and online image.

Month 6

Our strategic implementation of campaign will ensure that you start seeing a difference in your brand recognition within a period of six months. You will notice an increase in website traffic, improvement in ranking, and an upward curve of sales graph.

Year 1

At the one year anniversary of our relationship you will be positively glowing because of the immense profits you would have generated with the combined and continuous efforts our marketing expertise and your cooperation. You would find an upward rise in the percentage of customer retention and brand loyalty.

Year 5
STROng & stable online business revenue

By the fifth year of our association you would have found out that hiring us was one of the best decisions you took for your business. And this is not bragging. It’s just a conviction in our ability to out-perform every time and deliver better results than our competitors. We guarantee a stable in pour of revenue for your business. And we plan to deliver this by keeping our campaign approach fresh and upgrading it with time and demands of the market.

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  • About Us


Marketingaxle is a digital marketing solution provider to small and large scale businesses across the globe. From strategizing campaigns to creating ad banners and eNewsletter, we offer all kinds of digital media services.

Who we are?

Reaching at the top takes talent, hard work and determination. Since its inception in 2011, Marketingaxle has been constantly employing these three components to be one of the top rated marketers in India. Using our in house marketing and digital experts, we create compelling marketing strategies for your brand and channelize it across varied digital platforms and its diverse users.

We know your digital image is the medium through which the audience forms opinion about your brand. So, we put our head and heart into formulating digital campaigns that will make you a famous and credible name amongst consumers.

Need a reason to hire us ?

Take a look at our USPs We definitely have more than one!

  • Performance based services

    Services that are focused on attaining results and not just eating away your capital

  • On time delivery:

    Life is short so we have got to work fast. On time, every time- that’s our motto.

  • Strong commitment

    Full assurance and not just empty promises is what we offer. With commitment, a promise becomes a plan and a plan a reality.

  • Ethical code

    It’s often easy to get lost and make bad decisions to get results. But we choose to be the responsible one and pride in doing the job right, in the right way.

Services for your benefit

We know sticking to the budget is important for you. When we make marketing campaigns for your business, we give the best, most affordable services. With Marketingaxle you only pay for the results you see. So you get the freedom to have flexible plan that benefits you and works in the best interest of your business. Your success is all that matters to us.

Punctuality, the soul of Marketingaxle

At Marketingaxle we take deadlines seriously and never fail to deliver on time. Our belief is to understand the business needs first and then devise a personalized marketing strategy. Clocking hours is not our style. Passion and love for our work drives us to complete our work and your projects on time. We don’t whine about putting in extra hours to get the job done. Our primary aim is to deliver what we promised you, no matter what it takes to deliver it.

100% loyalty and reliability

We offer more than just a promise to deliver end result. We make a strong and personal commitment. We adopt a sense of ownership towards the projects we take up and feel proud when our work delivers positive results for you. And we celebrate when your profit margins soar. Now the question arises, how do we stick to our promises? Our team works in a very professional and strategic manner, setting up deadlines and time limits for the tasks, both big and small, so that not a single detail is missed. And if need be, we go extra mile, putting in additional working hours to deliver the project on time.

Practicing with honesty and integrity

We, at Marketingaxle believe in excelling and getting the results. But, we believe in achieving these goals by following a strong moral and ethics code. A successful business depends upon its integrity. It’s easy to make unethical decisions to gain short term success. But it takes efforts and conviction in your abilities to always follow a moral code and still deliver fruitful results. We believe there are always choices. And, we endeavor to take the choices that keep the integrity of ourselves and your business intact. In the end, this generates trust between clients and also between the businesses and the audiences they are targeting, thereby establishing a sense of loyalty.

Well thought marketing strategies

Conquering, whether it is a kingdom or a market section, involves careful planning and its effective implementation. Our team of professional strategist is great at extracting information related to the clients’ business and their goals, so that the knowledge and understanding can be used to make a customized marketing campaign. This helps in getting better results through the marketing campaign, and a higher ROI.

Thinking out of the box concepts

Every business has different targets. Each client demands a different kind of approach for getting the results. Thus, we don’t work inside set boundaries. We let our imagination fly in a way that creative yet practical solutions are generated for you. We know that making a place in the hearts of the audience is your main goal so that they become loyal customers. Achieving this task can be extremely hard, seeing as how the needs and preferences of customers keep on changing from time to time. But the marketing geniuses at Marketingaxle have a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and have a knack for keeping up with the ever changing demands of the market.

Budget friendly and customized plans

Some businesses are small scale and some large scale. Some have huge marketing budget, while others have a very limited budget. Since, Marketingaxle caters to all types of businesses all over the world; we realized we needed service packages that could suit different needs of different businesses. Hence, our prices are budget friendly and our services quite flexible. So that, even when your marketing cut is small we will dish out innovative and intelligent marketing plans that would attract customers and sky rocket your sales. Explore our customized packages designed to accommodate a range of client needs and budgets, as well as time period.

Advanced and innovative digital approach

Apart from a great team of strategist we also have a team of expert web developers, programmers and designers. These digital ninjas help turn the mad, ingenious ideas cooked up by the creative and marketing team into reality. Our in house technological team is expert, who has experience and knowledge that compliments the expertise of the marketing team.

  • Plan and focus

    Without a plan, things never come to fruition. Drafting an elaborate plan to focus on all the small big details is always our first step for any endeavor.

  • Madly creative

    A creatively implemented campaign can do the work of ten. Thinking out of the box and making a niche in the market is what we believe in.

  • Economical and Flexible Packages

    We offer packages that acknowledge the needs of everyone and cater to all.

  • Technological Understanding

    Marketingaxle has a right cocktail mix of creative zing, strategic punch and invigorating technology.

Results we have Delivered

  • HireGenius - An online job portal to connect recruiters to genius candidates
  • SearchCarpools - An online community for carpoolers and carpooling
  • Prashan - A premium Joomla extension

Delivered in 180days


HireGenius is an advance job portal where recruiters can connect to the genius candidates that completely fulfill their requirements. The portal follows a mechanism that filters the most competent candidates, who have registered themselves on the site, through comprehensive tests. This makes it easier for the recruiters and employers to find suitable candidates. Additionally, the process also saves capable candidates from facing unnecessary competition and prevents them from getting lost in the crowd.

  • 10k/Day Website Traffic
  • 5k Recruiter Signups
  • 150%150%Increase in Sales
Delivered in 60 Days
Member Signups

Searchcarpools is an initiative to minimize our daily commutation hassles and contribute towards sustainable development of the environment by providing a platform that promotes carpooling. The online venture was started to give the commuters a place where they can easily find companions to carpool with, either for daily work commute or for long travels. With over 18000 active members, the community is helping carpoolers all over India to search for companions according to their preferences and needs in a bid to make a judicial use of available resources.

  • 15K/Month Website Traffic
  • 800 Corporate Members
  • 60%60%Increase in Turnover
Delivered in 30 days
Product Sales


Prashan is a product offering of WebReinvent Technologies, which provides a complete package for seamless integration of question/answer feature to Joomla based websites. Apart from advanced features such as building full Q&A based portals, SEO control, analytics display of questions like views, answers, votes, etc, Prashan also offers the flexibility to be customized and adapted according to different theme designs of Joomla sites.

  • 50/MonthReferrals
  • 60%Improvement in Sales
  • 40%40%Increase in Turnover