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Day 1
An INTRODUCTION to our team

Before starting with the serious business we like to break the ice and get familiar with the business we will work for. This establishes a comfortable rapport and makes things move more smoothly. We encourage the clients to get to know us as well. To help you get familiar with us, we send you an introduction email detailing the projects we have completed in past, our team of experts and services.

Day 2
Project Evaluation & collaboration

At this point our strategists start studying your campaign goals and specifications and devise a plan accordingly. To be able to deliver great results we persuade the clients to share as much project details as possible with us. The more you tell us about what and how you want the project results, the better outcomes we can provide.

Day 7

After our strategists have worked out the project details, you get a final proposal from us for your approval. The proposal consists of payment terms, marketing strategy, and deliverables. Once we get a go ahead from your side, our marketing team starts working on the project.

Month 1
Marketing startegy

The work on the campaign starts taking shape and within the one month mark we aim to launch the initial marketing campaign. This usually involves account set up on various platforms, collecting data on your target audiences, and basic analysis as well as optimization of your websites and online image.

Month 6

Our strategic implementation of campaign will ensure that you start seeing a difference in your brand recognition within a period of six months. You will notice an increase in website traffic, improvement in ranking, and an upward curve of sales graph.

Year 1

At the one year anniversary of our relationship you will be positively glowing because of the immense profits you would have generated with the combined and continuous efforts our marketing expertise and your cooperation. You would find an upward rise in the percentage of customer retention and brand loyalty.

Year 5
STROng & stable online business revenue

By the fifth year of our association you would have found out that hiring us was one of the best decisions you took for your business. And this is not bragging. It’s just a conviction in our ability to out-perform every time and deliver better results than our competitors. We guarantee a stable in pour of revenue for your business. And we plan to deliver this by keeping our campaign approach fresh and upgrading it with time and demands of the market.

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pay per click Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) service helps to increase your website traffic and product sales in an easy and cost effective way. Get more click through and conversion rate with our efficient, goal oriented PPC strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some More Questions?Read our FAQ full page.

Ans. When you type a word in the search field of a search engine, you get links of the web pages related to that keyword. But along with website links you also get textual ad links in the left and top of the search engine page. These ad links, which appear with the search result, are Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. PPC ads are generated based on the keyword typed in the search engine. These ads are called pay per click because the advertisers only pay when a user clicks the ad and proceeds to its associated landing webpage. PPC ads are very cost effective and therefore, a favorite with advertisers.
Ans. Keywords are very important not only for PPC but also for SEO. Thus, we take great care in selecting keywords for you. To select appropriate keywords, we usually require a detailed report from your side regarding your business. Our SEO experts then use various tools like Google Ad words Keyword Tools, Web analytics service, etc for keyword selection.
Ans. Landing page is the destination page where a user ends up when they click on a hyperlink for a webpage.
Ans. Yes. Extremely! An Ad banner or PPC ad only takes a user to your site but it does not ensure that the user will actually invest their time to complete call to action on your site. so, you need a landing page which the users will find interesting and be willing to spend their time on it. Its only when they spend time and get know a little bit about your website will they carry out tasks like, makinga a purchase, filling a form or registering.
Ans. Before you complete your billing process, you should keep two things in mind:

Payment Settings-
a) Automatic Payments: You want to be automatically charged for the campaign. As soon as your campaign budget finishes, the amount is automatically credited from your account.
b) Manual Payments: Here you pay for your future costs when you want. As soon as your amount is consumed for the campaign, Ads will stop showing up.

Payment Method: Mode of payment- Credit Card or Debit Card

Tax Information: These are applied as per your billing location.

Invoice: You can see your billing history and transaction details after clicking the Settings gear.
Ans. You can make changes but we would recommend you to provide us with details so that we can do it for you in an optimized way.
Ans. Yes, we would create the whole campaign setup for you and you can manage it on your own.
Ans. Yes, you can do it.
Ans. You would be assigned an Account Manager with whom you can communicate and discuss your campaign via email/chat online or Skype.
Ans. It is service that provides pay-per-click advertising for Bing and Yahoo search engines. It was formerly known as Microsoft Adcenter & MSN Adcenter.
Ans. Whenever user search for a service/product on search engine, user would see the information about the service/product in the blue color below it. This information is submitted through feeds. As long as the feed URLs and the search term matches, the information would be there. This would lead to provide ample details to the user to click and make a purchase/buy.
Ans. Bing uses Trustpilot to show the reviews on Bing Merchant Ratings. Customers and non- customers are alike for Trustpilot.
  1. Sitelinks
  2. Call Extensions
  3. Location Extensions
  4. Rich Ads in Search
  5. Seller Ratings
  6. Badges
  1. Uncompressed text
  2. ZIP compressed
  3. GZIP compressed
  4. Tar.gz compressed
  5. TGZ compressed
  6. XML
Ans. This is not defined. It all depends upon your goal and objectives.
  1. Profile page
  2. Homepage
  3. Inbox
  4. Search results page
  5. Groups
Ans. No, this feature is currently unavailable.
Ans. It lot depends upon the kind of business you have and lot other factors. As far as we have analysed, Facebook Ads serve best for B2C rather than B2B.
Ans. To get the real picture of your return on investment, pixel conversion tracking by Facebook Ads serves the purpose. It reports the action that user takes after your ad is served to them.

A tiny 1x1 image is places on your website which sends message backs to Facebook when someone visits or takes an action. The conversions are tracked in two ways- click on and views of Ad. The tracking time period for this is: 24hrs, 7 days and 28 days.
Ans. You should run ads even if your budget is small.
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Expert consultants for profitable PPC management

Marketingaxle provides PPC services that will maximize your business goals. We make efforts to understand your products/services so that our campaigns will highly compliment your business needs and help you to get more number of visitors to your websites. Our experts focus on delivering lucrative results with minimum investment.

How does PPC work ?

To facilitate the popularity of your brand among users, who will ultimately increase your sales, we do a thorough study of your business so that the keyword selection for your business ad will attract visitors that are most relevant to your products/services. Next, we work on compelling creating ad banner and its associated landing webpage. As a landing page is the first page that visitors encounter when they click on an ad banner, it needs to be highly engaging.
Once the landing pages are designed, their associated URLs are submitted to all popular search engines. Additionally, monthly analysis of all the ads is performed, to gauge their performance, popularity and effectiveness among customers.
We also perform campaign audits of your existing PPC ads to test their efficiency and suggest strategies for their improvement in order to extract maximum advantage from them.

Our Google certified experts: At your service

Hiring a certified Google expert for the promotion of your business will save you time and hassle of managing the account on your own. Our certified experts will take care of everything, from setting up your Google ad word account to continuously managing it for you. Here are the benefits your business will gain from our services:

  • Increase in ROI & Online Exposure
  • Regular Campaign analysis & Reporting
  • Reliable customer support

Our certified experts can advertise your business using platforms such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Clicks, etc

PPC ad campaigns for quick exposure on web

What It’s gonna Cost You.

Through extensive research and clients’ inputs, Marketingaxle designed customized and flexible service packages depending upon requirements, budgets and goals of businesses. Compare and find out the plan which best suits your needs. If you need assistance in deciding an appropriate plan for your business, contact us at

  • silver

    • $ /mo
    • Recommended for new ventures
  • most popular


    • $ /mo
    • Recommended for small to mid size business
  • platinum

    • $ /mo
    • Recommended for large enterprise
  • Advanced Packages

Here’s the first step to get customer stardom

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Results we have Delivered

  • HireGenius - An online job portal to connect recruiters to genius candidates
  • SearchCarpools - An online community for carpoolers and carpooling
  • Prashan - A premium Joomla extension

Delivered in 180days


HireGenius is an advance job portal where recruiters can connect to the genius candidates that completely fulfill their requirements. The portal follows a mechanism that filters the most competent candidates, who have registered themselves on the site, through comprehensive tests. This makes it easier for the recruiters and employers to find suitable candidates. Additionally, the process also saves capable candidates from facing unnecessary competition and prevents them from getting lost in the crowd.

  • 10k/Day Website Traffic
  • 5k Recruiter Signups
  • 150%150%Increase in Sales
Delivered in 60 Days
Member Signups

Searchcarpools is an initiative to minimize our daily commutation hassles and contribute towards sustainable development of the environment by providing a platform that promotes carpooling. The online venture was started to give the commuters a place where they can easily find companions to carpool with, either for daily work commute or for long travels. With over 18000 active members, the community is helping carpoolers all over India to search for companions according to their preferences and needs in a bid to make a judicial use of available resources.

  • 15K/Month Website Traffic
  • 800 Corporate Members
  • 60%60%Increase in Turnover
Delivered in 30 days
Product Sales


Prashan is a product offering of WebReinvent Technologies, which provides a complete package for seamless integration of question/answer feature to Joomla based websites. Apart from advanced features such as building full Q&A based portals, SEO control, analytics display of questions like views, answers, votes, etc, Prashan also offers the flexibility to be customized and adapted according to different theme designs of Joomla sites.

  • 50/MonthReferrals
  • 60%Improvement in Sales
  • 40%40%Increase in Turnover