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Day 1
An INTRODUCTION to our team

Before starting with the serious business we like to break the ice and get familiar with the business we will work for. This establishes a comfortable rapport and makes things move more smoothly. We encourage the clients to get to know us as well. To help you get familiar with us, we send you an introduction email detailing the projects we have completed in past, our team of experts and services.

Day 2
Project Evaluation & collaboration

At this point our strategists start studying your campaign goals and specifications and devise a plan accordingly. To be able to deliver great results we persuade the clients to share as much project details as possible with us. The more you tell us about what and how you want the project results, the better outcomes we can provide.

Day 7

After our strategists have worked out the project details, you get a final proposal from us for your approval. The proposal consists of payment terms, marketing strategy, and deliverables. Once we get a go ahead from your side, our marketing team starts working on the project.

Month 1
Marketing startegy

The work on the campaign starts taking shape and within the one month mark we aim to launch the initial marketing campaign. This usually involves account set up on various platforms, collecting data on your target audiences, and basic analysis as well as optimization of your websites and online image.

Month 6

Our strategic implementation of campaign will ensure that you start seeing a difference in your brand recognition within a period of six months. You will notice an increase in website traffic, improvement in ranking, and an upward curve of sales graph.

Year 1

At the one year anniversary of our relationship you will be positively glowing because of the immense profits you would have generated with the combined and continuous efforts our marketing expertise and your cooperation. You would find an upward rise in the percentage of customer retention and brand loyalty.

Year 5
STROng & stable online business revenue

By the fifth year of our association you would have found out that hiring us was one of the best decisions you took for your business. And this is not bragging. It’s just a conviction in our ability to out-perform every time and deliver better results than our competitors. We guarantee a stable in pour of revenue for your business. And we plan to deliver this by keeping our campaign approach fresh and upgrading it with time and demands of the market.

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Are you looking for a marketing expert who will not cheat you off your money but will actually provide effective yet economic digital marketing solutions? Then you have landed at right place, at the right time! With Marketingaxle your quest ends.

What we offer

Marketingaxle has a dedicated team of marketing professional and digital designers who work together to develop effective marketing campaigns. Our experts are seasoned to handle all kinds of advertising or marketing issues. From branding to direct marketing, we do it all. By employing us as your marketer, you get the support of one of the best strategic thinkers in Delhi. And one of biggest USP is that we offer performance based services.

On Time Delivery

we believe in doing it quickly yet efficiently. We know you are eager to see your business grow and you want it now. Hence, our marketing team puts their hard work and dedication in delivering your projects on time.

Likes and Followers

With our marketing strategies users will be flocking to your site, products or services like bees on honey. We guarantee an increase in user traffic and consequently lead generation

Brand Visibility

Building a loyal customer base who swears by your brand is important. Our marketing experts employ their best tricks to ensure you get an omniscient presence across varied user demographic.

Performance based services

we know sticking to the budget is important for you. When we make marketing campaigns, we give the best most affordable services. With Marketingaxle you only pay for the results you see.

Performance Services

When it comes to sales growth of a business, numbers and graphs are the only true parameters. And our performance services are devised for businesses who want measurable results of their investments. Find out how we can make your sales graph fly through the roof.

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Digital Media

Marketingaxle provides its clients comprehensive marketing strategies that are intended to get increased response rate from audiences. With us by your side, your business would never be sidelined in the digital world.

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Solutions by Business

No matter which field your business is from, if you have the requirement of a trusted, experienced marketer, then Marketingaxle is there for you. Explore our digital marketing solution by business type to get a quick answer to your marketing problems.

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Results we have Delivered

  • HireGenius - An online job portal to connect recruiters to genius candidates
  • SearchCarpools - An online community for carpoolers and carpooling
  • Prashan - A premium Joomla extension

Delivered in 180days


HireGenius is an advance job portal where recruiters can connect to the genius candidates that completely fulfill their requirements. The portal follows a mechanism that filters the most competent candidates, who have registered themselves on the site, through comprehensive tests. This makes it easier for the recruiters and employers to find suitable candidates. Additionally, the process also saves capable candidates from facing unnecessary competition and prevents them from getting lost in the crowd.

  • 10k/Day Website Traffic
  • 5k Recruiter Signups
  • 150%150%Increase in Sales
Delivered in 60 Days
Member Signups

Searchcarpools is an initiative to minimize our daily commutation hassles and contribute towards sustainable development of the environment by providing a platform that promotes carpooling. The online venture was started to give the commuters a place where they can easily find companions to carpool with, either for daily work commute or for long travels. With over 18000 active members, the community is helping carpoolers all over India to search for companions according to their preferences and needs in a bid to make a judicial use of available resources.

  • 15K/Month Website Traffic
  • 800 Corporate Members
  • 60%60%Increase in Turnover
Delivered in 30 days
Product Sales


Prashan is a product offering of WebReinvent Technologies, which provides a complete package for seamless integration of question/answer feature to Joomla based websites. Apart from advanced features such as building full Q&A based portals, SEO control, analytics display of questions like views, answers, votes, etc, Prashan also offers the flexibility to be customized and adapted according to different theme designs of Joomla sites.

  • 50/MonthReferrals
  • 60%Improvement in Sales
  • 40%40%Increase in Turnover